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Golf Course Construction

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Lakeland, first and foremost specialise in golf course construction, renovation and earthworks. One thing that our experience has taught us is that successful golf course construction requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the game.

The creation of a golf hole, whether it be a green, tee, bunker or lake requires the ability to work alongside nature. Careful consideration and planning makes it possible to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the area with minimal disruption to your golf club, its members and the environment.

Our golf course construction service includes project design, planning and management, earthworks, shaping, final preparation and surface installation. Using Lakeland's experienced team results in effective, efficient yet flexible and successfully completed projects.

High quality workmanship, excellent customer relationships and the ability to interpret our customers' visions, coupled with our understanding of budgetary constraints, has led to a number of annual programs of renovation at some of the country's top golfing facilities.

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  • Golf Green Construction
  • Golf Green Renovation
  • Golf Green Repositioning
  • Drainage & Irrigation Solutions
  • Surrounds Construction & Remodelling

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Marking out New Golf Green Golf Green Construction Golf Green Construction Golf Green Surrounds Shaping Golf Green Construction Rootzone Application Finished Golf Green
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  • Laser Levelled Golf Tee Construction
  • Golf Tee Renovation
  • Golf Tee Repositioning
  • Tee Drainage & Irrigation

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  • Bunker Construction & Reconstruction
  • Bunker Remodelling
  • Bunker Renovation
  • Bunker Drainage
  • Bunker Revetting
  • Bunker Lining

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Bunker Construction with Volvo 360 Excavator Bunker Renovation and Shaping with Volvo 360 Excavator Bunker Lining Bunker Lining & Drainage Completed Bunker Construction with Bunker Lining & Surrounds Turf Completed Bunker Construction
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Lakes, Reservoir & Water Features

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  • Lake Construction
  • Lake Remodelling
  • Lake Lining
  • Water Engineering
  • Ponds
  • Streams
  • Waterfalls
  • Ditches

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Lake Construction & Lining Lake Construction Completed Lake Construction Water Feature on Lake Golf Course Ditch
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Drainage & Irrigation

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Efficient and effective golf course drainage and irrigation solutions are essential in maintaining a good quality playing surface.

  • Primary and Secondary Land Drainage Schemes
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sand & Gravel Banding
  • New Installation, Upgrading and Extension of Irrigation Systems

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Golf Green Drainage Golf Green Drainage Golf Green Drainage
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Bridges & Footpaths

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  • Bridges
  • Walkways
  • Buggy Paths
  • Tee Steps
Path Construction with 360 Excavator Golf Course Path Construction Rollng Golf Course Path
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  • Tree Planting
  • Tree and Root Removal
Tree and Shrub Planting Tree Planting at Lake Construction Tree Planting at Lake Construction